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Happy new year, everyone! If you're like me, you're going to be trying to stick to a new years resolution that you've set for yourself.
But if you're like me, you'll lose motivation and interest, and eventually, give up. This happens every year, and it's time for a change. With our website, New Year New Me, we'll be tackling these issues of how losing interest can plunge you into a loophole of procrastination and how a lack of motivation can mislead you into accomplishing your resolution. You've set a goal, but now you're going to be asking yourself, how do I achieve it?
With NYNM, you'll have access to several features that will make these resolutions a breeze. We offer a minimal site that'll let you track your resolutions and their progress. As Henry Ford once said, How do you build a house? One brick at a time. Break the big task into smaller, more manageable tasks, and it becomes easier. That's precisely what we're trying to do with NYNM. Instead of having a long list of vaguely worded resolutions for 2021, NYNM will allow you to break down these goals into smaller steps, thus boosting your motivation, because you CAN do it.
With such a minimal site, we won't scare you away with an abundance of unnecessary features, we have the essentials, and that'll prove to be enough in the long run. We hope you enjoy our site and happy new year!

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